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IG Prospector is a software tool that automates Instagram prospecting with an AI-powered DM Bot. It targets, connects, and qualifies leads through personalized messages and interactions, coupled with efficient back-office management to enhance lead generation and customer engagement on Instagram.

($47/m Value)

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Client Prospector

Automatically scrape leads from ANY Facebook Groups, Facebook Posts, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages & Influencers.

($67/m Value)

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Content Scheduler

Automatically schedule content posts to your personal Facebook page, your Facebook Groups AND other people’s groups.

($37/m Value)

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Genius Messenger CRM

Organize & manage Facebook leads into pipelines all without doing it manually. Add notes, set reminders & automate your follow ups with just one click.

($67/m Value)

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Prospect Remover

Automatically remove inactive and deactivated friends from your Facebook account to build your super laser targeted prospect list.

($27/m Value)

mover & shaker logo

Mover & Shaker

Find the top influencers & influential posts in any Facebook Group & gain insightful information on what your dream clients are interested in.

($27/m Value)

ad swiper logo

Ad swiper

Start optimizing Facebook ad campaigns by modelling competitors who are already profitable by putting them in your own ads collection.

($27/m Value)

client responder logo

Client responder

Auto-reply to all your Facebook post comments on your personal & group page in & automatically send a DM to everyone you’ve replied to.

($37/m Value)

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Client Scripts

Access all the proven sales scripts at your fingertips at the exact moment when you need it without have to remember what to say.

($17/m Value)

client filter logo

Client Filter

Customize your Facebook experience by filtering out ads or posts from your Newsfeed, Groups, Pages, or Profile based on keywords.

($17/m Value)

client wisher logo

Client Wisher

Leverage your friends birthday to re-connect with new & existing leads & start conversations to promote your products & services.

($37/m Value)

1-click funnel cloner logo

1-Click Funnel Cloner

Save days  creating funnels by cloning ANY ClickFunnels pages in just a click (easy no-coding CSS styling!)

($37/m Value)

Group Manager

Automate your Facebook Group. Send group question answers to your CRM of choice & automatically welcome members!

($47/m Value)

Client Invite

Automatically grow your Facebook Group & Pages by automating friend invites to skyrocket your online precense!

($27/m Value)

email scraper logo

Email Scraper

Automatically scrape an unlimited number of  emails from any niche and on any social media platform in just one click. 

($97/m Value)