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Genius Messenger CRM provides everything needed to optimize and organize a Sales Pipeline being used in Facebook.

No more sorting through messages to find where a prospect is in the sales pipeline. You no longer need to type the same thing over and over and over again, or copy and paste text and links to leads. You can stop wondering who you have are appointments with, or when they are supposed to be called or when to send a follow up message.

Track leads: The built-in Facebook Messenger CRM will keep track of all prospects and leads right inside Messenger without ever having to look somewhere else.

With customizable color-coded labels, each Facebook Friend can be tagged with a proper label: Prospect, Lead, Hot Lead, Client, Friend, Family, etc. Keep track of everyone ever messaged and never lose a Messenger sale ever again! 

Sort by Labels, and by who sent the last message.

Add Custom Tags to every contact.

Schedule Notifications: Easily schedule reminder notifications right inside Messenger and get a browser notification, or send to a webhook and put it on your favorite calendar..

Automate: Using customized Canned Responses, easily find the the things that are repeatedly typed, and add them to the chat window with the click of a button. You can even add emoji’s, and you can also personalize the contact’s name anywhere within a Canned Response.

Sync between computers – data stored in our database s you can access it from any computer logged into that account.

Fields to enter phone and email if provided voluntarily.

Webhooks: Sync with calendar, email autoresponder, text marketing software, CRM, wherever you need it.

Set speeds for voice chats, so you can listen to them at the speed comfortable to you, saving you time.

This extension is an incredible time saver and will keep you organized – never lose another lead again.


What social media platform does Genius Messenger CRM work on?

As of current, Genius Messenger CRM only works on Facebook.

Can I use this on a Facebook business profile?

Genius Messenger CRM is not meant for Facebook business profiles due to complications and limitations with Facebook. This is meant for personal Facebook profiles (Coaches, Consultants, Marketing Agencies, Virtual Assistants, etc)

How do I download Genius Messenger CRM

Once you have begun your 7 Day Free Trial – you will have an email get sent out to you with the download link. Alternatively you can click here. Keep in mind that you will need to use the log-in details sent to you in the email.

I never received the welcome email, what do I do?

Sometimes there can be an error when an email doesn’t go out. First things first, we suggest checking the junk folder in case it sent there. Otherwise, there’s a chance that the email wasn’t input correctly or there was a technical glitch in the matrix. If you didn’t receive it, contact us at

Why can't I log in?

After the 7 Day Free Trial, if a payment is missed, the account will be suspended until the payment is made

If the payment has been made/trial hasn’t finished, and you still cannot access the software, contact us at

I don’t like saving time and being a prospecting boss and would like to cancel, what do I do?

First thing I would recommend to everyone is making sure you have gone through the free trainings so that way you can get some wins if you haven’t already! If you still want to cancel after that, contact

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.

I'm having trouble using Genius Messenger CRM, can I get in touch with anyone?

Absolutely! We would be glad to help, you can reach us via email at

I have a brand new Facebook account, can I still use this?

I would recommend against this, start adding people that you know that will accept your friend request. Also, make sure to be uploading content as well, the account needs to warmed up first. New accounts are the most prone to be labelled as spam compared to well-seasoned accounts.